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NHI Sponsors

Welcome to the official page of our valued sponsors!

Our Sponsors

"National Hispanic Institute (NHI) is immensely grateful for the support from Sands, whose commitment to generating positive impact and economic benefits aligns with our mission to engage youth in leadership roles that enhance community well-being. Sands' sponsorship enables students in Nevada to participate in all NHI events, fostering future community leaders who are crucial to the growth and improvement of Latino communities across the United States and Latin America. We thank Sands for their partnership and shared vision in making profound community impacts. Visit Sands"

Wal-Mart (Illinois)

"We are thankful to Wal-Mart Illinois for their dedication to building better communities, which resonates deeply with the National Hispanic Institute’s vision to foster future Latino leaders. By sponsoring Illinois students to participate in the Midwest Great Debate, Wal-Mart Illinois is investing in the potential of young leaders to drive positive change and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within their communities. This collaboration is pivotal in helping us achieve a sustainable future for Latino youth across diverse regions. Visit Wal-Mart"

Wal-Mart (Texas/Oklahoma)

"Wal-Mart Texas/Oklahoma plays a vital role in the National Hispanic Institute’s efforts to cultivate community leaders through their generous sponsorship, which supports Latino students in Texas and Oklahoma participating in the LDZ and other events. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to creating opportunities and fostering inclusive communities that mirror our goal of empowering the Latino leaders of tomorrow. We appreciate Wal-Mart Texas/Oklahoma for helping us bring our vision to life. Visit Wal-Mart"

"The National Hispanic Institute proudly partners with Statefarm, whose purpose of building stronger neighborhoods synergizes with our mission to develop community leaders who will shape the future of the Latino community. Statefarm’s support enables students from any location to attend the Great Debate and the Collegiate World Series, highlighting our joint endeavor to invest in the leaders who will create a more inclusive and equitable society. We are immensely grateful for Statefarm’s commitment to our shared goals. Visit Statefarm"

"The National Hispanic Institute is honored to collaborate with the US Forest Service, whose mission to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands resonates with our own commitment to fostering leadership that will serve and enhance our communities for generations to come. This partnership underscores a mutual dedication to nurturing the environment and enriching the educational and leadership opportunities for our youth. The support from the US Forest Service enables students to engage in transformative experiences that cultivate their roles as future leaders, ready to address and advocate for the environmental and community needs of the present and future. We are deeply appreciative of the US Forest Service’s support in helping us develop the next generation of leaders. Visit the US Forest Service"

"The National Hispanic Institute is honored to continue our partnership with Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., sharing a commitment to fostering leadership that enhances our communities for future generations. This collaboration underscores our mutual dedication to empowering Latino youth through education and leadership development. This year, Phi Iota Alpha has proudly surpassed the $11,000 mark to support transformative experiences for students, cultivating their roles as future leaders. We are deeply appreciative of Phi Iota Alpha’s support in helping us develop the next generation of leaders. Visit Phi Iota Alpha."

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