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What is the Texas CWS

Through the years, NHI has cultivated relations with a significant number of universities, mostly private, as reference possibilities when selecting their preferences. As members of NHI’s College Register, these institutions are located throughout the U.S. and usually attend NHI college fairs and admission workshops that give them one-on-one communication with NHI students.

On different occasions some of these institutions go a step further. They realize the importance of placing young minds in environments that excite the possibilities of college and make higher education real in their lives.

This year,  University of St.Thomas  will host the Texas CWS.  At the Collegiate World Series, students will come together to be a part of an experience that will benefit their long-term decisions. Such as, how to  improve their presentation skills, as well as delving into complex challenges and applying their knowledge of inquiry based learning. 

High School students from urban areas will enjoy the natural setting of the Texas CWS and its surrounding environment.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Who is eligible to apply for the CWS?

All students are welcome to apply for the CWS if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • In the 11th grade
  • Has a GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • College bound

CWS Documents

What is the cost of the CWS?

The cost of the CWS is broken down into distinct fees, all of which will culminate in supplying your student with the adequate resources for a fulfilling and fun leadership experience. 

The CWS tuition & Fees:

  • Application Fee - $25 (required to complete application, non-refundable)
  • CWS Deposit - $150 (required within 10 days of  acceptance, non-refundable)
  • CWS Program Tuition - $720 (does not include the deposit)

    NOTE:  Additional fees may apply.


About the University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas (UST) is Houston's Catholic University, committed to the religious, ethical and intellectual traditions of Catholic higher education. For more than 75 years, we've been graduating students like you into successful careers in medicine, education, business, public administration and more – throughout Houston and across the globe.

Our student body reflects the rich diversity of the city itself. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students of all faiths and of no faith.

The campus is located in Houston's Museum District and Innovation Corridor, a diverse and vibrant urban environment with professional opportunities. We're just steps from downtown and the famed Texas Medical Center where many students perform prestigious internships. Read more about our mission and vision. (from

About Houston, Texas

Alive with energy and rich in diversity, Houston is a dynamic mix of imagination, talent and first-class attractions that makes it a world-class city. Home to a vibrant economy, beautiful surroundings and a population full of optimism and spirit, it's no wonder that Houston is a popular international destination.

In this section we provide you with options that will give you a good idea of what Houston is all about. You can also view our Calendar of Events to see more than 400 events in the Houston area throughout the next 12 months.

And be sure to visit the Exploring Houston page for quick links to many more featured places to go and things to do which celebrate the uniqueness of our City.

You can enjoy Houston's outstanding performing and visual arts venues. Try one of the countless restaurants available, offering cuisine in everything from Tex Mex and South American to Middle Eastern and Vietnamese. For sports fans we have local teams representing all major sports. Do some shopping; Houston offers something to fit every budget - from the exclusive shops in Houston's Uptown area to the outlet malls just outside the City. (from

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JULY 24 - 28, 2024

University of St. Thomas

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