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JUNE 6 - 9, 2024


About the Texas Great Debate

Through the years, NHI has cultivated relations with a significant number of universities, mostly private, as reference possibilities when selecting their preferences. As members of NHI’s College Register, these institutions are located throughout the U.S. and usually attend NHI college fairs and admission workshops that give them one-on-one communication with NHI students.

On different occasions some of these institutions go a step further. They realize the importance of placing young minds in environments that excite the possibilities of college and make higher education real in their lives.

This year,  a long supporter of NHI, Austin College will host the 4-Day Great Debate.  At the Great Debate students will go through a journey at Sherman, Texas to improve their language skills and word management while working together to bring home the silver cup.  

 We look forward to seeing you at the Texas 4-Day Great Debate!

What is the cost of the Great Debate?

Tuition for the Great Debates covers four days on a college in dorms, a full meal plan, private access to training areas, a college day exclusively for program participants, a staff-student ratio of one adult to every fifteen students, supplies and materials, a commemorative program T-Shirt, a certificate of participation, and a highly-motivating curriculum. Upon official acceptance to the program, NHI requires a 150.00 USD non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. Families manage tuition in various ways from setting up an approved payment plan, seeking out sponsors, easy online fundraising, or even qualify for special select community grants. NHI makes it a point to work with each family on their specific plans for tuition.

Students who complete in the Great Debate will be granted all the rights, privileges, and honors of NHI membership, so long as they remain in good standing and will hence be invited to future opportunities for personal development as well as volunteerism and faculty development within the organization.

The cost of the Great Debate is broken down  into distinct fees, all of which will culminate in supplying your student with the adequate resources for a fulfilling and fun leadership experience :

  • Application Fee - $25 (required to complete application, non-refundable)
  • Great Debate Non-Refundable Deposit - $150
  • Great Debate Tuition: $645 (does not include the $150 deposit)

What does the payment schedule look like?

NHI will provide details about the payment schedule upon acceptance into the program. 

NHI is committed to flexibility - that is, payment plans and fundraising tools are available to all families who request them. 


About Austin College

Austin College is a private, residential, co-educational college dedicated to educating undergraduate students in the liberal arts and sciences. Also offered are select pre-professional programs and a graduate teacher education program. Founded in 1849 by Princeton-educated Presbyterian missionary Dr. Daniel Baker, Austin College enjoys a place in early Texas history and remains a recognized leader in higher education for innovative programs, a strong faculty, and dedicated students.

Austin College was granted a charter signed by Texas Governor George Wood in November of 1849. Modeled after those of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, that charter remains in use today, making Austin College the oldest institution of higher education in Texas operating under its original name and charter, as recognized by the State Historical Survey Committee. (From

About Sherman, Texas

Sherman, the county seat of Grayson County, was named after General Sidney Sherman, a hero of the Texas Revolution. Sherman was the captain of a volunteer company in the Kentucky State Militia. He raised a unit of 50 armed men and came to Texas to present himself to General Sam Houston. The regiment arrived too late to fight at the Alamo; however, at the decisive battle of San Jacinto, Sherman commanded the left wing of Houston’s army. He led his regiment with the now famous battle cry, “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!”

Sherman faces a solid future based on its location, superior infrastructure and proven track record of attracting major employers. Sherman’s location dictates that it must grow, being directly in the path of the rapid northward expansion of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Furthermore, Sherman’s infrastructure is outstanding. The transportation system is anchored by the crossroads of U.S. Highway 75 and U.S. Highway 82 and is bolstered by the excellent airport facilities at the North Texas Regional Airport (formerly Perrin Field) and Sherman Municipal Airport. Additionally, Lake Texoma guarantees a bountiful source of water. Finally, the sales tax for economic development, administered by the Sherman Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO), provides the necessary incentives to attract large, high-quality employers. Sherman eagerly awaits a future that will be worthy of its proud heritage. (From



June 6 - 9, 2024

Austin College
Sherman, Texas


Selective admissions policies are now in place until programs reach full capacity.

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