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National Hispanic Institute 

2023 NHI COVID-19 Policy

(Revised and Approved on May 8, 2023)

NHI takes reasonable measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at programs. Due to major strides being made with respect to the reduction of and mitigation of COVID-19, NHI has modified its existing policies as follows.

  1. The safety and health of participants, volunteers, and staff is always the highest priority at the National Hispanic Institute.

  2. All NHI programs will adhere to the guidance and regulations of our university host institutions.

  3. NHI shall gather available medical history through the written testimony of parents and guardians for all participants.

  4. If deemed necessary by NHI leadership, measures shall be taken to monitor and address possible COVID-19 symptoms of participants and staff, including health screening.

  5. Any person at an NHI program who screens positive for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be subject to testing, and NHI will proceed to follow next-steps published by the campus guidelines.*

  6. Costs associated with testing, medical treatment, special health care and supervision of any individual at an NHI program during and beyond the published program dates are the sole responsibility of each individual participating in NHI programs, or their legal guardian(s). 

* Next steps may include isolation of the student pending arrangements to safely return the student home if possible

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