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2022-2023 NHI Financial policy policy


The National Hispanic Institute (NHI) is a tax exempt, private 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that provides educational service in leadership development. Its offices are located at 472 FM 1966, Maxwell, Texas, USA, about 26 miles southeast of Austin. NHI does not depend on public or private grants. The majority of its funding comes from the student registration fees paid by parents or local community sponsors. To keep these fees within reach of most family and community capacities, the Institute also relies heavily on student and adult volunteers and the generosity of host colleges and universities that realize the value of the training and services NHI students receive. For most students, the NHI experience occurs during the summer months. However, much of the work in preparing the programs occurs over the course of the year. In order to adequately plan and prepare for the programs, NHI has developed the following policies regarding student registration fees: 

1) 2022-2023 Application Fee 

a. All students must submit a $25 non-refundable application fee with their online or paper application to an NHI program. Please visit to submit your program application or download a physical copy. 

b. Because NHI begins to service students upon applying to the program, the $25 application fee and $150 deposit are non-refundable. If a program nears capacity, admission will be considered in the order in which deposits are received. 

c. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% fee; ACH/e-checks and money orders are strongly encouraged to avoid fees.

2) 2022-2023 Deposit and Payments 

a. Once a student has been accepted, the family will be asked to submit a $150 deposit NO LATER THAN TEN (10) DAYS AFTER THE ACCEPTANCE DATE. 

b. Both the deposit and the final tuition payment are due in full by the deadline indicated in your admission paperwork. Parents/sponsors needing alternate arrangements to pay on dates that exceed the deadline should arrange a PAYMENT PLAN with the NHI business office in Maxwell, Texas, at 512-357-6137, M-F, 900am-12:00pm; 1:30pm-5:30pm, and/or (if available) online under the student’s profile prior to the student’s assigned tuition deadline to safeguard the student’s spot. 

3) 2023 Withdrawal or "No-Shows"

a. If a student is unable to participate in his/her 2023 program, please note that expenditures have already been made by NHI in staff time, developing a record, communications, reservations with universities, etc. The funds we receive automatically initiate these processes, and therefore we uphold a scaled refund policy. Students may request a refund of their program tuition (less the $25 application fee and $150 deposit) on a prorated basis (see table below), provided the request is received in writing by NHI Headquarters in Maxwell, Texas, by the parent NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH. **DO NOT CANCEL THROUGH COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS. THE REFUND POLICY IS STRICTLY ADMINISTERED BY NHI IN MAXWELL, TEXAS, AND CANNOT BE PROCESSED OR AUTHORIZED BY THIRD PARTIES. 

 In-Person:  Refundable in-person tuition (after $25 application fee and $150 non-refundable deposit). 60% Refundable 50% Refundable 0% Refundable 0% Refundable 0% Refundable 0% Refundable 0% Refundable

b. The refund request can be made by writing to or the NHI Business Office at P.O. Box 220, Maxwell, Texas 78656, in writing. Include the student’s first and last name, the program, the name of the person making the request, the reason for the request, the date, and the address where a response can be mailed or an email address. 

c. Qualified refunds may be issued by NHI through August 31, 2023, irrespective of the date it is requested, and NHI is not required to refund families earlier than this date.

d. Verbal telephone requests cannot be considered and requests should be made directly to NHI headquarters, and not through local volunteers. 

e. Students who confirm their attendance and are no-shows will not be able to access refunds.

4) Third Party Tuition Sponsorship or Donation 

a. If a student’s registration was paid by a third party (school district, non-profit organization, sponsor) and the student withdraws from the program, the third party donor may transfer that program tuition (less the $25 application fee, $150 deposit) to an alternate student provided that the student meets the requirements for admission and there is space. Transfers can only be made during the same program year through August 31. Unused funds are contributed to NHI’s scholarship fund. 

b. Students who confirm their attendance and are no-shows will not be able to access refunds for their sponsors/donors.

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